FMTS Group is a network of companies that places training and work at the center of its daily activities as procreative elements to build paths of continuous growth, aimed at strengthening attitudes and improving the performance of people and companies.

We are a network that connects companies and people, we build paths of continuous growth by encouraging training and job opportunities.

We imagine a reality in which turning motivation into success means enhancing attitudes and improving the performance of people and companies.

“FMTS” was born as a contraction of the Latin phrase “forma mentis” and refers to the way in which we consider and understand reality, as it is determined in the individual. The favorable meetings and the projects developed have allowed us, over the years, to grow in terms of experience and knowledge, always bearing in mind that our great strength is the group.

Our companies operate in the fields of training, employment and public administration services, transnational mobility and project consulting.

Thanks to the professionalism and cross soft skills of each individual area it is possible to live training experiences essential to become the authors of their success and benefit from specific accompanying paths in the world of work. In addition, we are ideal partners for companies that we support in order to seize all the opportunities useful for their entrepreneurial growth.

At FMTS Group we produce skills and value opportunities.

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Pontecagnano Faiano (Salerno) – Milan – Turin – Rome – Naples – Bari – Catania – Padua – Frosinone – Cosenza – Catanzaro – Ancona – Foggia – Tito (Potenza) – Formia (Latina) – Lomazzo (Como)


London (United Kingdom) – Marseille (France) – Valencia (Spain) – Berlin (Germany) – Bruxelles (Belgium) – Galway (Ireland) – Zabbar (Malta)


A 4,000 sqm technologically advanced hub in Pontecagnano Faiano, in the province of Salerno and straddling the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast, is the location of the group’s headquarters.

The ecodesign of the building recalls the natural concepts of wood and green, with particular attention to sustainability and energy saving, themes that have always been at the center of our daily choices. Within the hub, in fact, energy is used 100% from renewable sources. To confirm this, the presence of photovoltaic panels, columns for charging electric cars and the bike park to encourage green mobility.

A multidisciplinary project that touches many aspects of architecture and structural and plant engineering. The materials used are mainly glass and wood. The new skin of the building is formed by about 300 solid wood poles, different from each other, which give movement to the construction. In an industrial area, a large area has been allocated to a garden that finds its ideal completion in a large rooftop.

The opening of the hub has also allowed us to consolidate the company’s management policies already applied over the years by the group. The building is in fact equipped with a gym, a nursery, a bar and social leisure areas: an ideal environment to support a more serene and calm work. In order to promote the worklife balance, furthermore, FMTS Group has adopted, starting from 2019, for all branches in Italy and abroad a smartworking’s structural program and flexible hours for employees with their children.


FMTS Formazione

FMTS Formazione has a long experience in the management of interprofessional funds and in the provision of training courses differentiated by areas and types of recipients.

We are a professional training body and we guide people through specific paths aiming at preparing them for entering or being outplaced into the world of work, putting pressure on the acquisition of skills and knowledge. After becoming national leaders in the design, management and funded training, we have also focused on the private market, offering a wide range of training courses to all those who need to specialize or expand their technical and cross-curricular knowledge. The person and his professional growth is at the center of the provided activities, either as a private individual or as the component of a company team.

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Consulman has thirty years of experience in the field of organizational and managerial consulting.

In 2022, it has joined FMTS Group in order to enhance the proposal of services offered to companies with the maximization of processes and activities, obtained through the improvement of the quality of products and services. With the mission to spread innovation in methods and apply effective management tools, it supports professional growth by developing people’s distinctive skills.

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FMTS Agenzia Per il Lavoro

FMTS Lavoro provides with research and selection services, fixed-term contract temporary work and staff leasing, active labor policies.

The added value of our agency is the combination of research and selection of personnel with the opportunities offered by active employment policies and employment incentives, also through the temporary employment services. We believe in talents and we are committed every day to encourage the Turning point of labor supply and demand, supporting companies and responding to employment needs, focusing on optimizing labor costs. Through the latest recruitment and talent acquisition techniques, we offer our companies an optimized and performing recruiting process, customized to their real needs. We design and implement professional courses, through Forma.Temp, aimed at job placement.

People included in the company thanks to active policy paths from 2016 to 2021
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FMTS MyJob is the revolutionary platform that applies the benefits of digital innovation to job administration by reducing time and service costs.

We address to HR managers, CEOs, CFOs, labour consultants, Employment Agencies, Training centers and business consultants offering them the opportunity to take advantage of the work in administration service, through a tool capable of responding to all the needs of recruitment or replacement of personnel. MyJob reduces the time and costs of standard work Administration, saving up to 50% on service costs. Our platform also guarantees flexibility, contractual openness and permanent support. MyJob is, therefore, the most effective response, for immediacy and savings, to the need to increase the workforce. MyJob offers the constant support of a structured agency like FMTS Lavoro.

FMTS Experience

FMTS Experience is the leading organization in Italy in the field of transnational mobility and life-long learning.

We have focused over the years our activities within the framework of the Erasmus + Programme and the different opportunities it offers. We implement a complex management system that guarantees high quality standards, ensuring that each activity reaches the most effective impact on direct participants and at local, national and European levels. We organize language courses and activities abroad for different targets (students, graduates, under-graduates, school staff, entrepreneurs, public administration) to increase technical and soft skills. We deal with incoming and outgoing Mobilities with constant assistance and monitoring.

Mobility scholarships awarded
from 2014 to 2021
More than 1 out of 3 young people have been hired by the host company
A me è successo

A me è successo, born as an event to share success stories, is now a training ground where professionals and companies can train their soft skills.

Our goal is to involve, inspire and motivate people in the development of their soft skills, through a variety of local events (courses and masterclasses) focused on the deepening of individual soft skills, such as: public speaking, problem solving, leadership. The recent pandemic has not stopped the desire to propose itself as a source of inspiration and sharing of best practices in the path of individual improvement, on the contrary it has strengthened the belief of the relevance of soft skills to face the new challenges that wait for us. Exclusive experiences designed for effective interaction with mentors and trainers, able to promote the development of their soft skills.

In Cibum

In Cibum is the largest higher education gastronomic school in Southern Italy, dedicated to training and professional development in the food and wine sector.

In our school we avail ourselves of the teaching of both starred chefs and the best Italian and international professionals. An Academy of cooking, pastry, pizzeria and bakery equipped with the most advanced technological equipment, with laboratories divided into sections to ensure group exercises, virtual classrooms and auditoriums for special events and exams. The laboratory experience, combined with classroom training, is the strong point of an exclusive and limited number structure. An educational center of excellence that can boast the Coordination of Enzo Vizzari, director of Le Guide De L’espresso. Thanks to the Employment Agency of FMTS Group, we give support to learners to find work in the food and wine sector.

In Cibum Lab

In Cibum Lab is an innovation laboratory in the food sector created to support start-ups in growth and to support companies in the development of both research and open innovation projects.

We are a reference point for food related start-ups. An ecosystem that wants to create and suggest new business models to the market, stimulating the culture of change. We promote and feed innovation processes that allow companies to seize new opportunities for growth and consolidation. We support aspiring entrepreneurs in the food supply chain, providing skills, resources and network to test and convert ideas into successful business ventures. We favor the experimentation and enhancement of talents and their ideas, with a view to open innovation. We develop innovative concepts for Process, Product, Service and experience.

Associazione Fortis

FORTIS is a non-political and non-profit association born from the need to enhance corporate social responsibility.

We spread throughout the national territory training activities aimed at the complete enhancement of the individual facilitating the entry or outplacement into the world of work. We make training accessible through the allocation of scholarships to people belonging to the weak groups, removing the obstacles of marginalization conditions and weak economic possibilities limiting the development of the individual. We facilitate the entry into the world of work for those who do not enjoy active policies’ measures for work, reserving a proactive service that provides with a periodical sending of profiles, reported by skilled recruiters, to all companies that are looking for personnel.